together in paris

oh hai thar

It's been a metric ton of time since I updated this thing. Going to try and utilize it more, as a really late New Year's resolution. Been working on an rp journal to showcase my pups, so I'll be linking that on the profile when it's done.
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tolkien is an enabler

Re-watching the extended LoTR dvds is dangerous, because I start wanting to make muse journals. The big question would be book, film or a combo of the two? Some of the characters only need a little tweaking in either direction.
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whine whine whine

There are days I just want to drop out of school and talk some rich, old dude into adopting me as his child. Then I'd be set for life without having to work for my bread and butter. Or a high GPA in this case. I'm determined to stay above a 3.0 because it will look good on the resume when I inevitably graduate and go job hunting.
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decisions decisions

Percival Blakeney is a GQMF. Richest man in England, Prince of Wales is his best friend, risks his life for others. I mean, sure, those poor and oppressed people are French nobility and did most of the oppressing themselves up to the Revolution, but the point is that Percy didn't have to put his life on the line. Yet he did.